Pak to provide new route for Beijing Olympic extra-flights

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will be providing new air-route for the additional flights during Beijing Olympic, which would not only save fuels, but three-fold air traffics could also go to China.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Director General, Faruque Rahmatullah told Geo news here that the flights coming from Europe and Gulf countries could save half an hour in their journey to Beijing through new route. He said that the open sky policy could not be enforced entirely and, therefore, a new aviation policy has been sent to the Prime Minister, Yusuf Raza Gilani for his approval. The new policy envisages taking aviation industry share in GDP to one percent in the next four years. Feeder airports would be constructed in collaboration with the private sector for the growth of industry and air service to far-flung areas, while in Karachi a cargo city, hotels and other trading constructions would be undertaken on a sprawling plot of 1500 acres, which is expected to fetch investments amounting to $3 billion. Private sector would be given due importance in undertaking all these projects. He said that the existing security arrangements at the Pakistani airports were of international standard.