I shake the thoughts of you
out of my mind
I don't know what's happening
Was this love so blind?

Why do I still dream of you?
Why do I still wish you were here?
Why do I still long to see you?
Why do I wish you were near?

I'm infatuated with you
But I want that feeling to end
I know you don't feel the same
I just want my heart to mend

I hide all these feelings from you
keep them locked up inside
I ask my friends for their help
At least I have in them to confide

I think I'm succeeding
I think this feeling is dying
I think this is working
I think my heart is crying

At least I had the guts to say
how I felt about you
I wished that you felt the same
that you cared for me too.

I guess all I can do now
is just let go
Maybe this feelings isn't real
But I'll just let things flow

I thought you felt the same
I was so naive
I actually thought you cared
That's what I can't believe

I don't know what to do
I don't want to think of you
My heart is empty right now
I just want to make it through

I don't care, I don't feel
With your life, just get goin'
Just forget about me,
So I can end this poem.