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    Realname : - Divya Om Prakash Bharti
    Date of Birth : - February 25, 1974.
    Place of Birth : - Mumbai
    Height : - 5' 4" ( 160 cm )
    Weight : - 52 Kg.
    Family : - Meeta ( Mother ), Om Prakash ( Father ), Married to Sajid Nadiadwala ( Hindi Film Producer ).
    Nickname : - lisa
    Hobbies : - Watching TV
    Comments : - Divya was the Most beautiful woman on the earth and the great loss of the Bollywood.
    Awards : - FilmFare Award 1992 for Fresh New Face

    Five years ago, on 7th of April 1993, a young girl who was
    dressed up in bridal finery and surrounded by hundreds of people in a
    Mumbai suburb, instead of being sent to her "sasural", was being taken
    to the crematorium. That was the tragic end of the 19-year old Divya
    Bharti, who had fallen from the window of her fifth floor apartment around
    midnight on 5th April, 1993. Whether the promising actress (who had
    risen within a short period and was expected to reach the top in the
    comming years of Indian Bollywood) committed suicide or met an
    accidental death remains a mystery.

    Divya Bharti had become a star from her very first film and
    perhaps she was ony actress of her times among the young lot
    who had 14 films in hand without any release. Born on 25th
    February, 1974 to Meeta and Om Prakash Bharti, Divya was
    in the ninth standard when producers started approaching her
    to work in films. She was discovered by direcctor Kirti Kumar
    around 1988 in a Mumbai Video Library. She was to play the
    lead role oppositeGovinda in Radha Ka Sangam, but was
    later dropped.

    Divya's big break came with Super Producer in Telugu Film Industry
    Mr. D. Rama Naidu, for the Superb Hit of BOBBILI RAJA in this
    picture the hero was son of the producer and the one of the famous
    Telugu Film Star Victory Venkatesh. And it will also created a lot
    of new records in the Andhra Pradesh. People are seen Divya was
    the little mask of Indian Bollywood No.1 Sreedevi. After this hit she
    got very good opportunities in Telugu Flims. Assembly Rowdy
    the mega hit of that year (hero Mohan Babbu now he was MP) and
    Dharma Kshetram with the son of the Telugu Anna (NTR)
    Balakrishna is also a box-office hit. And she got a good opportunity
    to play a lead role with Andhra Pradesh Mega Star Chiranjeevi
    in the film Rowdy Alludu and it was also a super duper hit in Telugu
    and Tamil. And Divya popularity was spread all over the India.
    Then some of the Hindi producers are come back to give lead roles
    to Divya. Then she got first opportunity in Hindi and she
    shifted to Telugu Film Industry to " Bollywood ".

    Divya Bharti debut in Hindi film was Rajiv Rai's Vishwatma
    opposite to the Indian Arnold Sunny Deol. Although the film sank,
    Divya was noticed. People still remember her beautiful dance number
    saat samunder paar mein terre...... Her Deewana with Shah Rukn
    Khan, Shola Aur Shabnam with Govinda hit the bull's eye. With
    in the industry though Divya was known as a hard working actress
    when was infamous for her erratic mood swings. She had allegedly
    slashed her wrists when she was thrown out of Radha Ka Sangam
    uinceremoniously. She married Sajid Nadiadwala in May 1992 but
    the marraige was kept a secret for a long time to safeguard her
    sharply ascending career. But she need't really have been bothered
    because in 1992 she was adjudged the best for the most Outstanding
    Popular Face Award for the year.

    When she was offered Rang opposite Mamal Sadannah rejected
    by Karishma she asked the dress designer to alter the dresses made
    for the other actress to suit her instead of wasting money on new cloths.
    She was not in favour of wastage and neither was she not money-minded.
    When Rajiv Rai offered her Mohra opposite Sunil Shetty, she did not
    take a penny from him because he had introduced her in Vishwatma.
    Films like Mohra, Vijaypath and Laadla were left incomplete because
    of her sudden death. When DD showed clippings of Laadla with Divya
    in the main role followed by those done by Sridevi (who had replaced
    her in the film), viewers felt that Divya was better in some scenes that
    Sridevi !. She did have the makings of becomming a big star but fate
    decides over and above what the humans plan. Divya was destined

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    Default Re: Divya Bharti_true story

    she was a good actress

    thnx for sharing
    ranisrequest - Divya Bharti_true story

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    Default Re: Divya Bharti_true story

    thnx 4 sharing

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