About Nicolas Cage:
18e - Facts! Abt Nicolas Cage

- Big fan of Elvis Presley.

- Got Johnny Depp his first acting job.

- Stage name taken from comic book character 'Luke Cage'.
18e - Facts! Abt Nicolas Cage

- Was director Sam Raimi's first choice to play Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the movie 'Spider-Man'.

- Has a son, Kal-el Coppola Cage named after the comic book character Kal-el (aka Superman).

- Tim Burton cast Cage in his doomed 'Superman' project. Cage even did fittings of the costume.

- Ate a real cockroach in the film 'Vampire's Kiss'; it reportedly took three takes. He once said about the experience: "Every muscle in my body didn't want to do it, but I did it anyway."