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Thread: Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

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    snow Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    5bollywood salman - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    Singing Praises

    Now this is what we call dedication. Salman Khan was shooting for Subhash Ghai's film Yuvraj recently and pulled a hamstring. But, in spite of the pain and his choreographer Chinni Prakash's willingness to change the dance steps to suit him, Salman refused to compromise. He performed the same steps despite pain. And ever since, both Chinni Prakash and Subhash Ghai have been singing his praises. Who wouldn't?

    5bollywood kareena - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)5bollywood katrina - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    At Loggerheads

    Enough newsprint has been devoted to the apparent war between Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. It has been said that Kareena and Katrina are at loggerheads because they are vying for the same screen space, same films, same ads and all that jazz! It was even reported that they shared cold vibes at a recent awards function. Kareena laughs off the story and attributes it to pure speculation. "I don't know why people are making such a big deal out of this. There is no problem between Katrina and me. In fact, we get along just fine and she's an extremely sweet girl. Even at a recent award function we barely met each other, so how can there be cold vibes? There is no war brewing here," she laughs. Recently there were reports that Kareena was parting ways with the company that handles her publicity because the same company was handling Katrina's work. Kareena laughs off the rumour, "This is pure nonsense. There is no truth to this. For the record, Katrina and I get along just fine!"

    5bollywood priyanka - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    Red Haired Priyanka

    Priyanka Chopra dyed her hair red for Harry Baweja's film Love Story 2050. And she did this twice. She went from black to red to black and then back again to red during the making of the film. Usually actors wear wigs, but this time Priyanka chose to do otherwise. The look is the brainchild of director Baweja, make-up maestro Mickey Contractor and hair stylist Thea. Baweja says, "The idea was to have a look that people could relate to. We didn't want the actors to look like aliens. The film is set in the future, but it's not about space travel. It took us six months to zero in on the final look." He adds, "The biggest challenge about coming up with Priyanka's futuristic look was to predict fashion trends 40 years ahead." Looks like Priyanka's going to win over more people as a red-head.

    5bollywood aarti - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    Playing Wifey

    After her role in Shootout At Lokhandwala, Aarti Chabria is upbeat about playing wifey to actor Suniel Shetty in a film. The girl has been signed on for Indra Kumar's next comic caper titled Daddy Cool, which also stars Ashish Chowdhry and Tulip. The cast and crew are currently shooting in Karjat and having a blast, with Suniel playing pranks on everyone. Indra was responsible for the laugh-riot Dhamaal.

    5bollywood mallika - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)
    Quotable Quotes

    Mallika Sherawat has managed to be in the news for her kisses and quotable quotes. And just when she learnt that she suffered from foot-in-mouth disease, the sultry damsel decided to evade the media. But then, only recently her +++y, revealing dress irked Chennai locals. Now, it's a different thing that the Chennai police have decided to excuse Mallika for her bold attire at the audio launch of Kamal Haasan's Dasavatharam, but many people just won't excuse Sherawat. They'll keep talking about her minuscule dresses, and her even more minuscule roles. The amount of time Jackie Chan spent with her also becomes an issue of grave concern. But Mallika has just one response: She couldn't care less! Ought she become a little more 'careful' of this 'care-lessness'?

    5bollywood emran - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    Not Into Sports

    So what if Emraan Hashmi plays a bookie in Jannat. Emraan, apparently, is just acting! Yes, the guy isn't particularly fond of cricket, and hasn't attended a single cricket match till IPL happened. It must've been loads of money given to him that must've got Emraan to the stadium. The game of bat-and-ball doesn't get him going, and he'd rather bat his eyelashes and bowl pretty ladies over on screen!

    5bollywood shahid - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    New hair look

    Shahid Kapoor will be opting for a new long-haired look for his upcoming project, a musical to be directed by Ken Ghosh. Ken had turned filmmaker with Shahid's debut film, Ishq Vishq and had followed it up by bringing Shahid and Kareena Kapoor together for the first time in Fida. Confirming the news Ken stated that the project is on, and Shahid is indeed trying out a different look. The film is based on dance and will be on the lines of a larger-than-life Broadway musical. He is also sporting six-pack abs for a dance sequence which will be choreographed by a Hollywood dance specialist.

    5bollywood neha - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    First Day At Shoot

    Neha Uberoi cannot forget the first day of her shoot. Not that there was any sentimental value attached to it. The budding actress distinctly remembers the day because of a prank played on her by costar Sikandar and director Hansal Mehta. While Neha was preparing to face the camera, she was told that there was a huge fight between Sikandar and Hansal. Poor Neha did not know how to react. She had barely begun work and sparks of fury flew between Hansal and Sikandar. Neha was on the brink of tears. Seeing the impact their prank had on Neha, Hansal and Sikandar stopped their fake act at once! Now you know why Neha cannot forget the first day of the shoot!

    5bollywood esha - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    Taking a break

    Esha Deol may have disappeared from the big screen and party circuit for a while. The actress had taken a break and was in London spicing up her moves. And by that we mean the pretty girl was learning new dance forms. Everyone knows that Esha is well versed in classical dance, all thanks to mom Hema Malini. But it seems that Esha wanted to learn some western dance form as well. Well the girl may love dancing but she loves action too. And given a chance she'd love to do her own stunts. Now that's a rare combination. Beauty and love for action. Here's to her mean moves. Good going, Esha

    5bollywood upen - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    Mom’s Cooking

    Upen Patel is known for his controversial link ups — what with him telling the world about how fond he is of the lovely Tabu. Anyway bad boys too have their weaknesses. And Upen's weakness is his mom's cooking. The actor, who recently went home to UK, extended his stay there. It was mom's pampering that wouldn't let him return to the arclights. So what is it that mom prepares for him? "It's her Gujrati kari that Upen can't do without," informs a friend of his. "Yes, it's the best in the whole world," confirms Upen, adding, "And now it's time to hit the gym with a vengeance!"

    5bollywood khanna - Bollywood Gossips of the Week (24-30, 2008)

    Actor-Director Duo

    Akshaye Khanna is acting in a comic caper after a long time. The actor was last seen in Race and Gandhi, My Father. It's also after a long time that Akshaye is teaming up with Priyadarshan. Akshaye's last movie with Priyadarshan was HUL CHULwhich was released in 2004. Now, after a long break the actor-director pair is coming together again. The actor will be seen finding a bride for his father played by Paresh Rawal in this film titled Mere Baap Pahle Aap. Looks like even an intense actor like Akshaye needs his dose of comedy. l

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