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    cute Life Cursed

    God gave me love, then he took it away,
    Guessed he'd save it for another day,
    But that day came and it was gone again,
    Guess some result of one of my sins,

    And, yet, another time it truly did come,
    It passed and I began to feel a little numb,
    This time He let me throw in all my heart,
    Didn't know that He'd let love, again, fall apart,

    But He has and it's done, so now what do I do?
    I feel as though love, for me, is now through,
    Cause my life's in a shambles, my heart lives no more,
    What did I do to deserve this, from the one I adore?

    Guess He's teachin me a lesson, in sorrow and pain..
    But how does He expect me to keep learnin it over again?
    I've walked down the pathways that I thought were right,
    Yet a bully was at the end and I keep losin the fight,

    He has taught me no lesson, I keep standin up each time,
    Though I keep gettin knocked down without reason or rhyme,
    Yet, He props me up, just to go one more round?
    How can this be right... I'm sure his choices are sound.

    It will take both hands to pick me up now, from this place where I lay,
    Don't know if I can take another battle, nor even another day,
    Down these paths that I'm led, with my soul and my heart,
    Why seek the beginning, when in the end... love must part,

    Why seek the end of the day, when a lonely morning will follow,
    Why seek a rainbow, when you know the bucket's just hollow,
    Why seek the flower, that you think for you must grow,
    When you know it will wither and die, before the first snow,

    A soliloquy of teardrops, a sonnet, a verse,
    How long must I live, a life that's been cursed?

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    Default Re: Life Cursed

    Nice sharing ...
    Janay na kahan woh duniya hai ... Janay na woh hai bhi ya nahi
    Jahan meri Zindagi mujhse ... Itni khafa nahii

    Itni khafa nahiiii

    Itni khafa nahiiiiiiii

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