It was a very interesting, sensational
memoriable victory in first one day
match between India and South Africa
at Jaipur under very heavy security of
Police. Though India won by only 1 run,
South African players had given a
very fine and tough fight in the match.
65 run partnership in 38 balls of
Ven Parnale and Dale Stain in 9th
wicket partnership had made the
match very sensational and heart

The last over of the match in that,
the host team required 10 runs in
six balls two wicket in hands. In the
first ball of the over Parnel took one
run but in second ball Pravain bowled
Stain. In third ball Logwelt took one
run and on fourth ball Parnel took
one run. On the fifth ball logwalt hit
it and the ball crossing the boundry
line before that Tandulker dived
and stopped the ball whcih gave the
batsman 3 runs. Next ball was wide
so South Africa got one more run.
On the last ball three run were
required to win as by two runs match
could be tie. But Parnel took only one
run and while running for second run
he was declared run out. A very
wonderful end of the match. Those
have seen must have enjoyed.

Compiled by R. M. Dixit