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Thread: Backup ur Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Wordpress,free

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    Default Backup ur Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Wordpress,free

    Backup Your Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter and More, Fore FREE

    backup - Backup ur Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Wordpress,free
    Just seconds ago, Dr. Awab tweeted that he took backup of his blog, and downloaded almost 1 GB of files on local computer. Just that moment, a co-incidence maybe, I was reading this post by CyberDera about taking online backups of almost every online activity that we usually do – for FREE.

    Yes, this very amazing service Backupify, is offering backups for Wordpress, Gmail, Hotmail, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google Docs and what not.

    Essentially, for every internet user – they are offering something to backup – and for expats, this is a one stop platform to backup all your online accounts.

    If you are using Wordpress, stop worrying about backups, as this cloud based backups are automatic, seamless and are free (only if you sign-up before February 15th).

    Backupify will keep a copy of your database (.sql file) and blog files separately, that you can access anytime in future.

    Though it’s very rare, but we have seen instances of Gmail accounts vanishing and then never appearing back.
    If you find your emails very crucial, which I suppose they are, you can add your gmail account as well, to download latest copy of your Gmail data.

    And all this comes with extremely easy to manage interface. Usually it doesn’t take more than few clicks to add an account for taking backups.

    Based on cloud storage, you need little to worry and there are almost no chances that Backupify will lose your backups. They are using Amazon’s S3’s secure and reliable services. Also to mention, all files are stored with secure keys – so that no one can access them.

    If you have your own S3 storage account, you can configure it with Backupify to use your space.

    Backupify is offering free sign-up till February 15, 2010, and will remain free who are signing up now. After this date two variants of premium accounts (49$ per year and 79$ per year) will be available, which I find very attractive – with what they are offering.

    Click here for Backupify FAQs.

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    Default Re: Backup ur Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Wordpress,

    nice shairng

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