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Thread: Zong to Charge Missed Calls Alerts

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    Default Zong to Charge Missed Calls Alerts

    Missed calls alerts is a service which allows mobile phone users to get SMS notification of missed calls in case mobile was switched off/ out of network coverage, busy or no reply.

    Miss Call Alerts can be very handy, particularly, if you dont afford to miss each incoming call on your cell phone.

    Zong MCA (Missed call alerts) service was also free till today. As Zong has decided to charge this service at Rs. 10 plus tax per month. Following message confirms the imposition of charges,
    Dear Customer Missed call alerts service will be charged@Rs.10+t/month from 25th March 2010. Reply with N to opt out of service to avoid auto charging. Sender +678
    Sad to see that Zong MCA, being a paid service now.

    How To Subscribe:
    If you are not using Zong MCA as of now, you can subscribe/activate this service in the following ways:
    - Call ZONG Call Centre or visit any ZONG Sales & Service Centre or Franchise and ask for MCA service activation.

    - Customers can also get this service operational manually through their handset by dialing the following codes as per requirement:
    Condition Activate
    • If Busy **67*622#
    • If Not Answered **61*622#
    • If Out of Reach **62*622#
    • All Calls (Unconditional) **21*622#
    Example: If you want Zong MCA only when your phone is switched off/out of reach, dial **62*622#

    How to De-activate:
    Condition Deactivate
    • If Busy ##67#
    • If Not Answered ##61#
    • If Out of Reach ##62#
    • All Calls (Unconditional) ##21#
    Other than Telenor, all cellular companies are charging Miss Call Alerts. We hope Telenor wont follow the lead.

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    Default Re: Zong to Charge Missed Calls Alerts

    Mujhe SMS Mila Tha Main Band Kar Diya
    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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