Pakistan finish at bottom in World Cup Hockey

NEW DELHI: Pakistanís miserable performance continued till their last match in the tournament when they could not beat Canada to win the11th position and finished at bottom here on Thursday.

The match, play-off for 11-12 positions was decided in the extra time after both teams leveled the match 2-2.

This is Pakistanís worst performance in the history of the World Cup hockey.

Pakistan took the lead in the fourth minute when Rehan Butt made breakthrough on the pass by Shakeel Abbasi.

However, Canada equalled the score in the 12th minute through Connor Grimes and both teams were playing 1-1 when the first half ended.

Akhtar Ali gave Pakistan lead in the 46th minute but Canada levelled again the game when Mark Pearson made a goal just two minutes before the match.

Scott Tupper scored the decisive goal in the 83rd minute during the extra time to take Canada too the 11th position in the tournament.