It is time PCB solve bans/fines mystery

ISLAMABAD: The reasoning behind the massive punishments and fines against the Pakistani players for their disappointing performance in Australia tour, is still a mystery, which needs to be resolved at the earliest.

The Inquiry Committee working under Wasim Bari was amazed at the indefinite ban on Mohammed Yousuf and Younis Khan by the body formed by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

According to the PCB Committee, the estrangement between the two players spoiled the atmosphere.

However, it is noteworthy that Younis attended only ODI series during Australia tour. So, it remains to be seen how the differences between the former captains stood as the prime reason for their defeat in New Zealand and Australia, in view of the fact that the Committee started its investigations from the UAE tour.

The Inquiry report also failed to give any substantiated reason for massive one-year ban on Rana Naveedul Hasan and former captain Shoaib Malik and fine of Rs2 million each.

The issue at table is whether it is only the crickets who are to be punished for going against discipline or the team management and coaches also have something to share the responsibility, as they accompanied the team.

Also, all the Committee members were PCBís salaried persons, the only impartial personóWasim Akramódid not attend even a session of the Inquiry body.

It is time the Board rose to occasion and dispelled the smoke screen on these bans and fines.