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Thread: Managing Pakistan: Episode II - National Values

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    candel Managing Pakistan: Episode II - National Values

    Managing Pakistan: Episode II - National Values - Jasarat Chief Editor Talks ...

    Note: This Show is with Urdu Audio. English sub-titles soon at YouTube only

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    Justuju Tv 2010-011 Pakistani National Values - Definition of

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    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

    Salaam. A very nice and beautiful day to you all.

    Pakistanis celebrated their 70th anniversary of Lahore Resolution, presented on March 23, and approved on March 24, 1940, at Manto Park, Lahore. This place is now known as Iqbal Park, and a towering Minar Monument stands tall there to mark this historic moment of life of Indian Muslims. At this time their demand for independent Muslim areas within the Indian Continent had not been named as PAKISTAN. Though Choudhry Rahmat Ali, who remains buried in England, had earlier suggested this name. On approval of this Resolution, the Hindu opposition named it as a "Pakistan Resolution", and thus it came to be known as such from that point on.

    The world and its components, the countries and territories, require a management of its resources, its people, and follow a set of laws and practices to remain a peaceful and dignified country. Thus it requires a Vision, a Mission, and a set of Values to abide by to progress. Both in terms of Morals, and Economics.

    Jack Welch, the ex CEO of General Electric, in his landmark book, WINNING, has discussed the importance of Values in running an organization. Each modern business and NGO has a set of values that it teaches to its staff. So that they continue to work and progress within a set course of directions, policies and procedures. These sound like: We work together, We respect each other, and so on.

    So, what about a set of Pakistani National Values!

    We discuss this interesting management technique, and take the Pakistani founder leader, Quaid e Azam (Great Leader) Mohammad Ali Jinnah's famous 3 words: Unity, Discipline, and Faith as the core set of Pakistani values. Obviously, as a Muslim country, the faith in Islamic values is also ingrained in its people.

    We suggest to you to please watch this short episode, and kindly share it with your family, children, and friends. And give us your feed back too, at this preferred website of yours.


    Best Regards.

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    Default Re: Managing Pakistan: Episode II - National Value

    uf ho ye tv show kab band hoga
    نہ جانے ہم کہاں گم ہو چکے ہیں ....
    جو ممکن ہو -- تو ہم کو ڈهونڈ لاٶ ...

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