Shoaib may face lawsuit before Sania marriage

NEW DELHI: Ayesha Siddiqui, who claims to be Shoaib Malik''s first wife has finally hit out at the cricketer, according to reports appeared in Indian media.

The Siddiqui family is said to be in a state of shock over the reports of Shoaib-Sania impending marriage in April.

Ayesha’s father, Mohammed Ahmed Siddiqui has threatened to sue Shoaib if he does not divorce his daughter. "I want divorce for my daughter.

According to Islamic law, my daughter cannot remarry if she doesn''t have the divorce paper," he said in an interview to a news channel. He also said that Sania Mirza will be Shoaib''s second wife.

Mohammed Ahmed Siddiqui claimed in February 2008 that Shoaib had married his daughter in June 2002 through a telephonic nikah after having an online affair.

However, Shoaib claims that he was only engaged to her and the marriage was called off because of problems between the families.

If sources are to be believed, Ayesha met Shoaib in a Dubai restaurant in 2001 along with her friend, Maha. While Ayesha is a little plump, Maha was pretty and Shoaib fell for her. On returning to Hyderabad, Ayesha, posing as Maha, started chatting with Shoaib.

Ayesha apparently fell in love with the cricketer and convinced her parents to contact his parents and arrange for a telephonic nikah.

In 2005, when the Pakistan cricket team was in Hyderabad, the Siddiquis hosted a reception for the cricket team. A website quotes a source as saying, "Shoaib became suspicious when he expressed his desire to meet Ayesha and her parents said she was out of town."

Ayesha was reportedly working as a school teacher in Dubai and apparently sent her actual photograph to Shoaib. This made the player snap all ties with her. He said the Siddiquis he had been duped.