Shoaib barred from leaving India

NEW DELHI: Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik cannot leave India without the Indian police’s go-ahead, as the cricketer’s mobile and passport are now in police custody, Geo News reported Monday.

Malik also professed in affirmation about the nikah (marriage); however, said his signature is fake.

When police arrived at the residence of India’s top tennis star to interrogate him, Shoaib handed his mobile and passport to them. Police recorded his statement and left.

Later on their way back from Sania home, police told media Shoaib fully cooperated with police’s interrogation, adding further interrogations are expected.

Siddiqui family’s lawyer said the Siddiquis are quite satisfied with action hitherto taken by the local police, adding they would provide police with more concrete evidences.

Shoaib told police that he was deceived and the nikahnama presented by the Siddiqui family is forged, adding his signature found on nikahnama (wedding document) is fake.

Police is believed to have grilled Shoaib Malik for two hours. They have also recorded Ayesha''s statement.

Sources say Shoaib might have to undergo scientific tests. The cricketer continues to deny his marriage and has reportedly alleged that the nikahnama was forged. Police have reportedly told him that if he continues to deny links with Ayesha, he might be arrested.

It should be mentioned that Ayesha alleged that Shoaib offered her one million dollars, if she keeps silent.

Ayesha also told that Malik is warning her for the interaction with media.

Hyderabad Police Commissioner AK Khan said Malik cannot leave India without due permission of the police.

"We have alerted all immigration gateways not to allow Shoaib to leave," he said.

On the basis of the complaint, the Hyderabad police have registered cases against the former Pakistan cricket captain under sections 420 (cheating), 498 A (subjecting married woman to cruelty) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code, sources said.

According to the sources, the complaint by the Siddiquis has alleged that Shoaib married Ayesha, harassed her over various issues and later denied the marriage had taken place. It said he was now planning to marry again without her consent.

The family has attached a copy of the "nikahnama" with their complaint.

Ayesha committed to a TV Channel that she disliked Shoaib for the fraud and desires him to be punished.