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Thread: Zong Revises its PostPaid Packages

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    Default Zong Revises its PostPaid Packages

    Zong has introduced new postpaid packages, and likely the most feature rich in postpaid market. Zong postpaid comes with opt-in unlimited SMS, free on-net and off-net minutes, 15 MB of free GPRS quota and more. Following are tariff details.

    Those Zong customers, who are using old packages will have to call helpline to get new packages activated, as per their wish.

    Note: Rates are inclusive of interconnect charges
    Zong Postpaid - Zong Revises its PostPaid Packages

    • 30 Sec billing
    • The charges are inclusive of the interconnect charges
    • Free minutes will be calculated on per minutes basis
    • We will offer 5 FnF (on-net only) numbers on 100, 300 & 600 package
    • FnF addition charges will be Rs 15 for each addition
    • For FnF Addition / Modification dial 1313 from your Mobile
    • Spouse number will only be applicable on Rs 1200 & 2000 price plan with zero charges
    • Spouse number can be added / changed once in a month
    • Free Minutes on 1200 & 2000 pakage are exclusive of Spouse number
    • Spouse number can be added by calling our help line or visit our Customer services centre or by using Zong E Care:
    • Rs 2000 LR package will have 6800 free minutes in total, 6000 minutes will be On-Net with a daily cap of 200 Minutes (Fair usage policy)
    • The first 200 minutes of the day will be charged at Rs 0 after which charging will be done at On-Net Airtime rates i.e. 0.2 per 30 sec
    • Unlimited SMS Bundle can be subscribed by sending a SMS “Sub” to 700
    • You can send unlimited SMS by subscribing to the SMS bundle.
    • SMS Bundle subscription will remain valid till your bill date.
    • Daily SMS limit is 500 after which you will be charged as per your tariff.
    • Please note that all calls will be automatically disconnected after 59 minutes.

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    Default Re: Zong Revises its PostPaid Packages

    پھر یوں ہوا کے درد مجھے راس آ گیا

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