Shoaib & Sania hit out at Ayesha

HYDERABAD: Coming out for the first time together in front of media Sania and Shoaib rejected all allegations regarding Ayesha’s row.

The wedding will be on 15th April, Sania confirmed. It’s not good to see my future husband being projected like this, she added.

I am here to face and will get my name cleared, allegations against me are baseless and I am cooperating with the police, Shoaib said. Let the court decide, he said, asking Indian media not to speculate.

Shoiab asked aggressive Indian journalists to talk to Ayesha and find out who actually is she? Why is she not coming on screen, he questioned?

The would-be couple asked Indian media to stay calm and let the court decide right from wrong.

Standing beside her future husband Sania reposed full confidence in Shoaib and said she knows the truth.

Ayesha’s family doing all this to get cheap fame, they said.