A photographer has captured some of
most stunning examples of the Northern
Lights ever seen. Travelling each year to
Northern Minotoba in Canada to capture
the Aurora Boreallis, Linda Drake brave
temprature of minus 20 degree in search
of that elusive perfect shot. Making the
pilgrimage to just South of the Arctic
Circle , in March each year, the 40 years
old has developed a passion for heavenly
Nature,s Most Breath
Taking Show.
Most people travel to Churchill in
Manitoba to photogrph the poler Bears
coming out of hibernation in February
and March, but I like to set up camp
and waited each evening for
dancing lights and nature's breathtaking
show said San Louis Obisto based
photographer. " It never ceases to
amaze me how grand the show of colours
are and how each one differs so wildely
from the last. Hopefully in these pictures
I have managed to capture the beauty that
has transfixed me." I leave the lens open
for 2 to 3 seconds to one whole minit said
Linda Drake. The longest display of the
northern lights that I had seen has lasted
upto 2 hours."