Shoaib, Sania will play for their home countries

HYDERABAD DECCAN: Indian tennis star Sania Mirza said that she and Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Malik did not fall in love at the first sight but at the third while Shoaib said that many bouncers were thrown at him but he succeeded in avoiding them.

The newly-wed couple expressed these views while talking with different Indian TV channels here on Friday.

Sania told that they first met in 2004 for only two minutes at a restaurant in Hobart and next day Shoaib along with Waqar Younis came to watch her match where she found him very simple and attractive.

She said that the decision of their marriage was taken after her engagement with Sohrab was broken. Shoaib did not propose her and it was decided from both sides.

Replying to a question, Sania said that her family favoured her relationship with Shoaib and her mother met him in Dubai.

Sania said that their families fully supported them on Ayesha Siddiqui issue.

She disclosed that they did not get food at their wedding.

The Indian tennis queen said that many personal things were discussed regarding their wedding but the people should understand that they have also their own personal life.

Sania said that as the wedding has taken place now all the past matters should be forgotten.

Answering another question, Sania said that she wants Shoaib to make a hundred in his next match. However, she would support India in cricket matches against Pakistan.

Shoaib Malik told in a shy manner to a question by Indian TV anchors that the Ayesha issue could not be resolved without the support from Sania.

He said that he had already told Sania all about Ayesha and he has learnt very much from this case.

Shoaib said that he and Sania believe in each other and he wants to keep Sania always happy. They have decided to live together in Dubai.

In a reply to another question, Shoaib said that Sania would play only for India and she would have the good wishes from Pakistani people.

Shoaib said that he did not want to say anything about his ban but he would face it.