Shakira''s World Cup song met with criticism

CAPE TOWN: It seems New Zealand isn''t the only country using imported material to create their World Cup anthem.

FIFA has released its official song for the upcoming Football World Cup in South Africa, but it''s not striking the right chords with South African fans.

The new song ''Waka Waka - Time for Africa'' was officially rolled out by radio stations across South Africa on Thursday. It is a collaboration between Colombian pop star Shakira and South African band Freshlyground.

On radio DJ Jenny Cryws-Williams'' radio show, the lines lit up when the song was first aired on Thursday.

Many listeners were calling in to voice their disappointment that Shakira, a non-South African, had been chosen to record the song.

Cryws-Williams believes that the FIFA World Cup is a South African event and therefore should be sung about by local talent.

"We (are) going to put on a fantastic World Cup, why don''t we have South Africans doing it for us?" says Cryws-Williams.

Others were more direct about their disapproval of the song.

"It''s horrible, it ++++s. I''m not standing for it, I mean, what is our president doing about it?" says Lindi Munonde, a resident of Johannesburg.

However other Johannesburg residents believe that by using international singers the song reflects the global attraction of the World Cup.

"The soccer World Cup is not just about South Africa, it''s about South Africa hosting it, and bringing the world to South Africa" said Heidi Botes.

Shakira and Freshlyground will perform the song at the World Cup kick-off concert in Soweto, South Africa, on 10 June.

American singer Alicia Keys will also perform at the concert.

FIFA''s original line-up for the kick-off concert was criticised by South Africa''s government, which said that it didn''t include enough local performers.