Best Smartphones Available

A smartphone is a mobile phone offering advanced capabilities, often with PC-like functionality (PC-mobile handset convergence). There is no industry standard definition of a smartphone. Here are the list of best smartphones available for sale in market.

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Apple iPhone 3G S 16GB

The iPhone is the undisputed king of smartphones, with tens of millions sold worldwide. This year's model is dubbed S because it's more speedy - and it also has an improved camera and video recording. But the real magic of the iPhone is its software - with 65,000 apps available, there's something for everyone. 440.40 or free with 2-year contract, 44.05 a month on O2. Verdict: Still the best smartphone - and the best app store, too.

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Nokia N97

This chunky handset benefits from a slide-out keypad and Nokia's familiar Symbian software, but its touchscreen requires firm presses to make it work - making it feel sluggish next to the Hero and iPhone. An excellent 5MP camera is some compensation, but the Ovi app store has been dogged by technical problems. The N97 costs from 500 or free with 18-month contract, 45 a month on Vodafone. Verdict: A powerful workhorse, but it's no iPhone killer.

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Palm Pre

Unveiled to much excitement in January, the tiny Pre has taken almost a year to arrive in UK shops. It's pretty as a polished pebble, and boasts a gesture-sensitive touchscreen and a tiny slide-out keypad offering quick texting for the slim-fingered. But it feels lightweight and plasticky, takes too long to switch on and its app store isn't yet fully operational in the UK. Free with 2-year contract, 34.26 a month on O2. Verdict: A dinky, tactile smartphone in desperate need of decent apps.

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HTC Hero

The most fully formed iPhone rival, HTC's Hero is a joy to use, with a very responsive touchscreen and a decent virtual keyboard. Navigation is slightly confusing, but the Hero runs Google's Android operating system, which has thousands of apps available. Costs 400 or free with 18-month contract, from 35 a month on Orange. Verdict: The first real alternative to the iPhone.

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BlackBerry Bold

While others have rushed to emulate the iPhone's media-friendly touchscreen, BlackBerry has remained content with making portable email addictively easy. Decent apps are thin on the ground, though. 400 or free with 18-month contract, 40 a month on Orange. Verdict: The best messager, but not the best app platform.

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Toshiba TG01 Windows Phone

One of the first smartphones to run Windows new, simpler software. The huge 4in screen is ideal for watching movies on the go, but, like the N97, above, the touchscreen requires too much pressure for comfort. 450 or free with 2-year contract, 40 a month from Orange. Verdict: Great for multimedia, but apps selection is poor.

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